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Canadian Women Economists Network/Réseau de Femmes Économistes
CWEN/RFÉ "was founded in 1990 as an independent association of persons interested in promoting women economists and their ideas."

The European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
The EAEPE was formed in 1989 "to promote evolutionary, dynamic and realistic approaches to economic theory and policy.... With a membership of above 700, EAEPE is now the foremost European association for heterodox economists and is the second-largest association for economists in Europe. In at least four European countries, EAEPE members are playing a major role in governments. There are also EAEPE members in the European Parliament."

The International Association for Critical Realism
The IACR was established in 1997 to foster the discussion, propagation and development of the critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world.

International Association for Feminist Economics
IAFFE is a "non-profit organization advancing feminist inquiry of economic issues and educating economists and others on feminist points of view on economic issues."


Date: December 18, 2014